The Long Awaited List!! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010
It's been a real long time since i updated this site. Well, let's just put it at "Work got in in the way". hahaha.. Anyways, this is the list for everyone out there. It's just a small WISHLIST of my 25th year here on earth.. See yaa!! Dingopop, OUT!

JBL iPod Dock
Available at i-City, 3rd Floor, Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya

Targus Laptop Backpack

Nike Mercurial Vapor (Pink) Futsal Flat shoes
Size 9.5

Malaysia Football Away Jersey
Name: Dingopop Number: 23
Size: XXL

Manchester United 2011 Away Jersey
Name: Dingopop Number: 23
Size: XXL

Men's Black Fossil CH2473 Chronograph Watch W. Date.

A cajón
A box-shaped percussion instrument
Available at Mahagony, Sri Hartamas

Blackberry Bold 9700

Apple Magic Mouse


Friday, October 29, 2010
MY 25th Birthday Wishlist!!!
-wait for it-
-its gonna be-
- L E G E N D A R Y -

Can Manchester United do it??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Well, 2 more games to go.. The fight is really tough.. Chelsea is sitting on the edge with a 1 point lead. There's no way Arsenal is going to catch up wat ever way possible. Both the contenders, United and Chelsea, are going to play the remaining games as if they were cup finals. Both teams wouldn't want to miss any stupid chance of screwing up their hopes for the title. Liverpool has had a consistant run of screwing up the whole season. But the whole setting of the the champions lie in the hands of the scousers. A draw with Liverpool will send Chealsea to 2nd place and United go top if they beat Sunderland away. The most dramatic season is coming to an end with an even bigger drama. As i said not long ago,
"Bolehkah pasukan Manchester United mempertahankan gelaran Juara Liga Inggeris bagi kali ke-4 berturut-turut? Kita saksikan!!"

The 2 remaining games....
Manchester United
May 1 - Sunderland (A) May 9 - Stoke City (H)
May 1 - Liverpool (A) May 9 - Wigan (H)


To whom it may concern..

Monday, January 18, 2010
Hey.. I know i have neglected you in the recent times.. i am so sorry that i neglected you.. I'm sorry for not being there when you needed me the most.. I'm sorry for not making my shoulder available when u needed one.. You're are still very special to me and i know you know that.. It's just that the old me is not around anymore.. and i have transferred all your files from the old me to the new me.. so to you, i am still running the same applications and processors as the last time.. maybe it's just updated now for higher performance.. hehe.. anyways, i'm saying this just to let you know that i do really love you a lot and i still care for you the exact same way that i have always did.. You will be that special person to me no matter wat.. AND IF I DONT LIKE YR SPECIAL ONE, FORGET ABOUT CONTINUING YR DREAMS TO HAPPEN CAUSE IT WON'T!! =)

To end this on a correct note, i will end with a quotation from the bible.. =)

I will always love you because i have, Even before i ever knew you.. (MATT 49:10)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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